Message from the President – John W. Royston, EA

IMG_9427Many people start up a business with no prior business experience, no formal education in business affairs, undercapitalized, having no knowledge of the tax system, and are often misled by those whom they trust. A large percentage of these people wake up one day owing taxing authorities money they cannot afford to pay. Then the bank account levies, property seizures, and other activities start. The business owner begins to live a nightmare.

Another scenario, the business owner is successful in staying out of the collection division but ends up in the audit division undergoing an IRS Audit. Currently, the IRS is conducting lifestyle audits. The methods they use in these audits require the taxpayer representative to be knowledgeable in this area or the client might erroneously be assessed tax on unreported income. In other cases, the client might be faced with an agent taking an adverse position that could result in substantial taxes being assessed unless the taxpayer’s representative has the experience and expertise to bring the agent around to a more favorable position.

IMG_9503A third scenario, some people, for many reasons, may be forced to deal with a Special Agent of the criminal division of the IRS.

In all of these cases, our firm is experienced in helping thousands of people and businesses who fall into these situations. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, please talk to us, and together we can assess your case. At the onset of trouble, working as team players with you, we can render invaluable service and give you peace of mind.